Internet Access

Use your 56K modem and one of our dial-up numbers to get on the web with no time limit! Our Premium plan also gives you 10MB of disk space for your personal web site.

All of our plans give you the following features:

  • Regular E-mail.
  • Web-based e-mail (send and receive e-mail from anywhere)
  • Usenet news server (NNTP) with thousands of groups
  • 24/7 Toll Free Tech Support
Plan Name Monthly Fee Features
Number of E-Mail Accounts News Groups 10MB Space
Premium $13.90 5 Yes Yes
Basic $11.95 1 Yes No

Payment Options - We recommend you use PayPal. PayPal allows you to  pay by check or credit card and none of your financial information is given to us.  It is a free service.  We also accept checks or cash.  Click on the PayPal Buttons or call us to sign up now. 

Premium Plan $13.90 per Month
Basic Plan $11.95 Per Month