Welcome A1 Dial Up Internet Service, a service of A1 Web Presence Provider, Inc.. We appreciate your stopping by. Feel free to browse this site, sign up for our services, or ask any questions you may have. 

We are a personal service Internet Service Provider with a large national network.  Our customers can access thousands of POPS (Dial UP Access Telephone Numbers) for one low monthly fee starting at $11.95.   

We provide real e-mail you can use with the free client E-Mail programs that come with your operating system or with any other E-Mail Program.  No fighting your way through Ad's to check your mail.  No need to tie up your phone line to read or compose mail. You can even set your e-mail program to periodically check for e-mail automatically.   You can also check and send e-mail from any computer that connects to the Internet with our Web Mail system.  Our e-mail servers use commercial software providing unsurpassed reliability and a wide range of features.

You can also use your favorite Instant Messaging Program (AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, etc.) with our Dial Up Accounts.

You have a question or need help, call or e-mail us!  You will not be put on hold for hours, . The phones will be answered by a p of the business not some outsourced tech support 1st level "tech".  If you get voice mail, leave a message, we will call you back.  We value our customers and will give you the personal attention you deserve.

We have provided computer and internet products and related services since 1994.  We have an excellent reputation for customer care because we know that each and every customer is important to our business.  You can check your e-mail without commercials. 

In summary, we offer:

All of the features you have come to expect from both local and national providers.
Thousands of POPS (Internet Points of Presence, i.e. locations which provide a telephone number for you to dial into for internet access)  for no additional charge.
Quality service.
100% Refund if Dial UP Account is not working properly with 7 days of purchase.
Competitive prices.

Please see which of our plans is best for you and sign up today.

Thank You!

Peter J. Mignone

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